Why Image Consulting?

"You are what you do and you are what others perceive."

We are judged every second of our lives!  First impression counts.  You will never have a second chance to make a first impression again.  What does this mean?  Our image is the most powerful tool that defines who we are!  Our dressing, our personal grooming, body language, etiquette, verbal communication, values, goals – the way we think and carry ourselves will inherently affect our personal or professional branding and development.  In short, our appearance, behaviour and communication play a part in shaping our image.

Through image transformation and branding, we hope to inspire you to lead an inspiring life and in turn, inspire the people around you, in your workplace and community.

Life is like a book, filled with various experiences that inspires us.  Be an author of your own book today!



email: tricia@image-inspire.com



Tricia-Ann Kee
is the founder and principal image consultant of image@inspire.  She is a firm believer that anyone or any company can achieve astounding breakthrough in their personal or corporate lives, when given the opportunity to unleash their full potential.  The key is to create a powerful branding that leads to personal empowerment, which in turn can impress, influence and impact others. read more...

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