The Brand Story

The Founder



Tricia-Ann Kee is the founder and principal image consultant of image@inspire.  She is a firm believer that anyone or any company can achieve astounding breakthrough in their personal or corporate lives, when given the opportunity to unleash their full potential.  The key is to create a powerful branding that leads to personal empowerment, which in turn can impress, influence and impact others.  Tricia has worked with many renowned brands in brand management, public relations and business development.  She has more than 14 years of extensive experience and successful track record with world-class multinational corporations that include Mattel Toys, Estee Lauder Cosmetics, Olympus, Starbucks and most recently, McDonald’s China.

Tricia found her calling in life after being constantly involved in community projects which she initiated during her days with Starbucks.  These projects were truly life changing that it immensely touched her life.  In the process, she discovered her passion for working with people and her strong desire to empower them.  She decided to combine her talent in branding and her love for beauty and fashion to make a difference to the lives of people she connects with.

Currently based in Shanghai, Tricia constantly travels between Shanghai and her hometown in Singapore to serve her clients.


  • Certified Image Consultant with an internationally recognized ImageAsia Diploma, combining the best of London Image Institute and Academy of Image Mastery
  • Certified Makeup Artist, Academy of Image Mastery (AIM)


  • Bachelor of Business Administration degree from NUS Business School at the National University of Singapore, doubled major in Marketing & Human Resources Management


  •  Associate member of the Association of International Image Consultants (AICI) USA, a leading and the largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide




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