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Is the Little Black Dress for Every Woman? (09 Feb 2012)

BLACK is always fashionable.   It is a colour most often associated with power, sexuality and stylishness.  It seems that every woman owns a little black dress but the question is, does the little black dress suit everyone?

image1In theory, black is classified as “achromatic”.  But in practice, it can be considered a colour that is skewed toward the cooler palette.  This means that a person with a cooler natural colouring will be able to carry off her little black dress with a greater impact because the black colour enhances her personal colouring. 

Black is the perfect match for a woman with cooler shades in their personal colouring in terms of their eyes, skintone and hair.

What about the rest of the women who do not have this element of coolness in them?  We all know that black is a colour that is timeless and it is a colour worth investing in simply because we cannot go wrong when we pair back with almost any other colours!  If you belong to the warmer palette, here are some tips that can help bring out the very best in you without having to give up BLACK.


  • Accessorize your little black dress with either gold or bronze necklace.  Since these colours belong to the warmer palette, it not only adds glitter to the dress, it also enhances the glow on your face!
  • Wrap around your shoulders with a shawl that is of a warmer palette like red. 
  • Instead of pure black, opt for warmer shades of black like charcoal or even use translucent black material that reveals your skintone.  This might do the trick.

And yes, every woman should own a little black dress.