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Email Etiquette for Creating an Impression (16 Jan 2012)


First impression counts.  When you receive an email, you almost instantly form an impression of the person, even if you have never seen the person before.  Therefore, it is critical to make the first impression the last.

1) Create an Impression

When an email is first received in the inbox, the main information that is likely to be reflected on the screen includes the date, subject and sender (from).  Make sure that the subject is always indicated because it gives the reader a clear idea of the purpose of the email.  It is critical that the subject is relevant and meaningful to the subsequent message in the email.  Omitting the subject might result in your email being seen as unimportant and might be placed as a ‘non-priority’.  In a worst-case scenario, it might even reflect that you are a careless person!

2) Maintain the Impression

image2Now that you have created an impression, ensure that your message is short and concise.  People are always busy at work and they do not have time to read lengthy emails.  If there is so much to write, it would be more appropriate to call the person directly rather than depending on the email to communicate the message.  This gives the impression that you are human and not a machine!

3) End with a Lasting Impression

Always conclude your message with a warm greeting to create a relationship with the receiver.  Greetings such as “have a nice day ahead!” or even “here’s wishing you a great work day!” makes a person’s day!  Don’t forget to include your contact details so that you can be reachable should there be any questions.  The last thing you want to do is to let the receiver search for your contact details.  This might frustrate him and change his impression of you.  Make it easy for him!