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My Personal Style Scrapbook (16 May 2012)


Having a personal style scrapbook is a useful tool in helping you identify your signature style. Here are some easy tips that can inspire you to start your scrapbook today.

  • Get a beautiful book that can endure wear and tear. Personalize the cover to make it your very own with your name and favourite photo. Think of an exciting title such as ‘Emily’s Best Kept Wardrobe Secrets’.
  • Cut out pictures from magazines that you love (style, body shape, your colours, clothings & accessories)
  • Include photos of your own personal wardrobe whenever you receive compliments on a particular outfit
  • Take along your camera when shopping to take shots of clothes that you might want to consider buying
  • Include handwritten scribbles on your thoughts and feelings
  • Print text or cut out text for titles or highlight with coloured markers to add interest – make it colourful

In no time, you will be able to see a pattern that can help you develop your personal style that is authentically you!